About us

Dansker Capital Group is a national mortgage brokerage company. We are focused on finding creative, cost-efficient financing solutions for our clients in the middle-market space. Our broad expertise and wealth of experience enable us to add value to transactions ranging from conventional, stabilized refinancing transactions to fast-closing bridge transactions.

Our primary geographic concentration is on the East coast; our offices are located in New York City and Tampa. Our work, however, has taken us from Los Angeles to Houston and from Minneapolis to Charleston. Our successful closings also span a wide range of product types and have included multifamily, office, multi-tenant retail, single-tenant retail, construction, major rehabilitation, land, medical, storage, industrial, distribution, and hospitality assets. Lending relationships across the product spectrum have enabled us to be successful on such a diversity of assignments.

The way in which we differentiate ourselves is by conducting honest and thoughtful analysis at the start of a relationship. We present terms that we believe we can deliver and we take on assignments that we believe we can close. We believe that honesty is always the best policy.

1031x sub-specialty

Over the course of a decade DCG has developed an expertise in 1031 exchange financing. We find that 1031 exchange transactions are especially conducive to a brokered mortgage for the following reasons:

A 1031 exchange often involves a change of geography or product type for the borrower. This means that legacy banking relationships may be of limited value and new relationships need to be forged.

Certainty of closing takes on a higher level of importance in a 1031 exchange transaction because the consequence of a failed transaction transcend the deposit made at contract signing—often large tax ramifications are tied to success. Finding certainty of execution, especially while initiating a new lending relationship, can be difficult and having a guiding hand is of great value.

Navigating the specific rules of a 1031 exchange as well as the particular needs of buyers who are engaged in an exchange requires knowledge and experience; we have successfully closed hundreds of such transactions. Doing so correctly can result in thousands, and in some cases millions, of dollars in tax savings.

We are experts at assisting borrowers with 1031 exchange financing and have a decade-long track record to prove it. Our belief in the importance of honest, upfront assessment of a loan request is what enables us to excel in this unique sub-specialty. The conventional practice of “over-promise, underdeliver” simply does not work when a borrower must calibrate precisely to the needs of an exchange transaction. This is where we excel.